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Detectomat and simax voice alarms: joining forces for the future

Detectomat Systems GmbH, a member of the DEF Network, has acquired simax electronics GmbH. The sales and marketing divisions will begin working together closely from the very start in order to optimise our joint product portfolio.

Our new colleagues at simax electronics GmbH, based in Aachen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, are contributing their high-quality products, unique expertise and many years of experience. simax was established in 1999, and both its site in Aachen and the simax brand will remain unchanged.

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One system - many advantages

The new DC520 fire alarm control panel from Detectomat. The solution for an effective and economical protection concept for small to medium-sized properties and functional buildings in accordance with DIN EN 0826-2.

Learn more about the key features of the DC520 fire alarm control panel and the associated components, which set new standards in flexibility with D-Loop technology.

To the fire alarm control panel DC520


The tried-and-tested, high-performance CON-Xnet network allows for the ring-shaped networking of network devices and is being continuously optimised for the technical requirements during the installation of networked fire alarm systems.

Detectomat fire alarm control panels of various types can be networked together via the CON-Xnet and therefore all standard-relevant messages can be processed and displayed centrally. The compatibility of the various system families is guaranteed with CON-Xnet.

By using the ADP4000 adapter module, it is possible to combine the CON-Xnet with compatible external systems.

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Transforming production

Lean management at the Detectomat production unit

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New training courses added

We plan to continue expanding and updating our training portfolio throughout the year 2020

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A real success story – CONUS2

We call it our ‘multi-tone siren that gives you more’ and it has been successfully installed in more than 150 projects and proved its worth in daily…

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